Commitment to quality

Our cellar was completely reshaped and renovated in 2014.  This modern winery allows us to harvest « à la carte », plot by plot.  Each day we check the grapes on each plot for ripeness and we adjust our harvesting plans accordingly.

Our grape harvesting machines are equipped with an on-board pre-sorting system able to remove leaves, petioles and damaged berries. As the harvest arrives at the winery, the grapes are sorted again on a vibrating table before crushing and vatting.

In that way the harvested grapes are quickly forwarded to our stainless steel vats under very good phytosanitary conditions.

Making wine without Sulphur

We were eager to produce safer and high quality wines.  That is why we decided to avoid adding Sulphur (SO2) before vatting.  In collaboration with oenologists from Oenoteam, we developed and implemented a processing technology to protect musts with the addition of natural selected yeast and bacteria.  After these are in the tanks, the grapes can begin a slow fermentation which protects the grape juice, with no Sulphur added.  This bio protection preserves the fruity aromas of the grape throughout the various fermentation stages.  This methodology gives the wine a clear colour and warmer fruit flavours.  The total Sulphur level in the bottle was successfully reduced by 30% to 50%.

Winemaking lasts 4 weeks in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, with daily and regular pumping over for progressive and optimal extraction of the anthocyanins, the stem, and the seed tannins.  The wine will mature a few days at the end of fermentation, then it is run off and we can proceed with must pressing.  In a constant concern for quality, we use a vertical press in order to avoid mechanical extraction which would be undesirable at this point.

Ageing in wood: a subtle choice

After malolactic fermentation in vats the wines can be racked and the first blendings are dispatched into lots of homogenous quality.  These lots are then matured in tanks with or without staves, or in 400L new barrels during 12 months.  They are further kept in cement vats.

The wine is bottled after 12 to 24 months maturing in total, depending on the blend.

Commitment to the QUALENVI environmental values

We all share a passion of the vineyard and wine work.  We are involved in all stages of wine making, acting responsibly in terms of our impact on the environment, and customer satisfaction is one of our major concerns.

LA CLAYMORE has been QUALENVI certified since 2007 (Environment Quality for Independant Winemaker).  This means that we are committed to respecting the 3 principles for a sustainable vinegrowing that respects both nature and human development:  perfection, protection of terroir, and sharing of passion!

From vine working to wine bottling we have only one concern:  providing a final product conforming to both customer requirements and those of the certification rules :  a natural grape for a healthy wine.