La Claymore


The LUSSAC SAINT EMILION vineyards date back to the Gallo-Roman period.

Today this appellation is bordered by the wine-growing regions of Bordeaux, Montagne Saint Emilion, and Lalande de Pomerol.

François and Maria-Dolorès LINARD acquired the vines and the cellar of LA CLAYMORE in 2001.
When the estate was created in 1960, the vines covered 33 hectares.

The year 2015 marked an important stage, with the acquisition of Château de Faise whose vines border those of Château la Claymore. The total vineyard area thus covers 45,50 hectares, including 30 hectares of Lussac Saint-Emilion, 7,50 hectares of Montagne Saint-Emilion and 8 hectares of Bordeaux Supérieur.

François LINARD belongs to the great family of the wine growers «  Vignerons Indépendants », and is continuing to develop the estate, focusing on two main objectives:  quality, respect for the soil and traditions.

A collaborative work

Since 2001 and with the help of a small versatile and operational team, 40% of vines have been replanted, the cellar has been modernized, and the wines have been redefined.
Close working relationships have been developed over the years with partners like wine brokers, merchants, agents, importers.  And above all consumers and wine lovers who make our work worthwhile through their vigilance, their feed-back and pleasure of savouring our wines.