The wine, fruit of the earth

An interaction between climate and soil conditions creates what is known as terroir.

On LA CLAYMORE land, our vines are planted in a subsoil of sand and clay (molasses du Fronsadais), rich in iron.

The 4 hectares pond, extending along at the foot of the slopes, creates a microclimate and attenuates temperature variations, limiting the risk of winter and spring frosts during the growing season.

The vineyards of La Claymore are in one piece with 2 different sub-soils:  the upper plateau and the hillside facing south / south-west show a well-draining sub-soil enabling to achieve full ripeness; the foot of the hillside near the pond is cooler and more clayey, and avoids summer water stress.

An ideal soil where the MERLOT grape reigns.  The CABERNET grapes have later fructification and grow better on the heights of the hillside, whereas MALBEC adapts well at mid-slope near a small forest, due to its rusticity.

Our vines are rooted in the sunny foothills of the estate with a temperate oceanic climate, and produce wines of intense color, with a fruity and generous bouquet, structured by powerful and harmonious tannins.

Le vin est le fils du soleil et de la terre, mais il a eu le travail comme accoucheur.


From grape to wine

Encouraging the full expression of the terroir is our main concern.

In their aromatic expression and flavour, our wines reflect that natural elements specific of their terroir (climate, soil).  They are also the product of a team – women and men – making choices, working and bringing the greatest care in vineyards work through the year, from vine to crushed grape.

François LINARD, especially with the help of his consulting oenologist OENOTEAM, opted for combining the traditional cultivation methods with the «soft-edge» technique (stainless steel tanks, hygiene, thermoregulation, micro-oxygenation).

Final blending is an important and major step, which requires a number of tasting sessions.  Our wines are thus newly created every year.

Le vin est né, il n’a pas été créé, et comme un vieil ami il continue de nous surprendre par son évolution constante et inattendue.