Protecting the vines from frost

The Bordeaux wine region experiences large variations in temperature and global warming is now evident….

2017-2018-2019 :  we have endured three successive years of mildew attack, frost and drought.

Again this year the winter was mild with an early bud-break for the vines as a result, at least three weeks ahead of an average year.  Morning frost we greatly fear expecially now and until May 10th can irreversibly damage vines and cause a short fall of a part of the crop.

It was necessary to find a solution and we had to do it quickly:  so we decided to install 2 wind turbines.  That way we will be able to control drops in temperature up to -2°C.  Though the investment is significant, it will help us save part of our crops… provided that frosts are not too hard!

This device is springing up in the Bordeaux region and forms a very efficient barrier to frost for small vineyards like ours.  Our wind turbines are movable, thus offering great flexibility of use, with an auto-start feature allowing the generator to self-start when the temperature reaches a critical pre-set value. The principle is simple:  the large rotary fan located 6-8 metres above the vineyard, draws down warmer air to the vines and drives out cooler air from ground level, improving crop protection up to 4 hectares.

In addition, we plan to complement this with straw burning at the corner of our plots, in order to produce warm air in case temperature drops below -2°, knowing that below – 4° it would be useless…

Our teams are ready, it is now very important to be extremely vigilant, looking forward for the return of sunny days!

See you very soon for other news!  Take care of yourself.