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Lussac Saint-Émilion

Château La Claymore

A wine with an excellent gustatory quality, made with the utmost care. The wood is discreet and Merlot gives roundness and tenderness.

The vineyard

All our plots are cultivated with the respect for environment and full expression of the terroir: low level of treatment, frequent tillage, systematic leaf-thinning, green harvesting, sorting table.

CHATEAU LA CLAYMORE is a blended wine made with our best plots located on the sunny slopes of the Estate.  The soil is composed of the famous Fronsac molass with sand facies, and a layer of limestone and clay at the bottom.  A very typical terroir, characteristic of Saint-Emilion fine wines, which imparts strength, finesse to our wines, and a good depth on the palate.

Three grape varieties:  MERLOT mostly, CABERNET FRANC, and MALBEC

The wine

Wine making process is made without the use of SO2, under temperature control during fermentation and maceration. Grapes tasted and selected for CHATEAU LA CLAYMORE, after running off and pressing, age half in wood and half in cement vats. All our barrels are renewed each year.

Bottled after 15 months’ ageing and blending, CHATEAU LA CLAYMORE is available in 37,5cl, 75cl Bordeaux bottles and in 1,5 l Magnum bottles

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